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1000TF Touch-Free Water Boiler

Touchless Dispense High Capacity Tabletop Boiler

1000TF Touch Free Hot Water Boiler.png
Optimum Hydration

The innovative 1000TF Touch Free counter top boiler is the effective solution for delivering boiling water when health and hygiene are critical. 


Water dispense options include touch-free on-demand dispense or programmed metered/timed dispense, if desired. Following a measured dispense, the top-up mechanism allows the user to top-up the drink. The screen flashes for further 5 seconds, allowing the drink to be topped up. It reverts to timed dispense mode after 5 seconds.

Using the memory feature on the set-up, you may quickly and easily programme the metered dispense. When hot water is supplied, a visible "Caution Hot Water" safety message flashes on the LCD screen.

Dimensions (mm)

Table Top : 545H x 240W x 522D

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