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Ultimate Taste

The WMF1500s is a fantastic machine with the options of customising key pad layouts to suit your business needs. With its impressively sleek dimensions, this head-turner makes room for additional machines or add on devices.

Steamjet: ensures every cup is warm before the drink is poured.

The WMF 1500 S has made the gastronomic experience even better. The illuminated side panels flash when action is required (e.g: when coffee beans need refilling). Automatic cleaning is activated via the touch display, the only action required is inserting a cleaning tablet.

  • Available as floor standing only 

  • Dispensing ambient & cold, and hot & cold water

  • Manual taps & lack of any PCB’s or solenoids makes for easy maintenance

  • No-Spill guard avoids spills when placing or removing the water bottle

  • Stylish & modern design in non-scratch Anthracite livery

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