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Ultimate Taste

Complete your service area with the Solo hot chocolate machine. Fast, simple and efficient, the Solo uses instant ingredients to expediently provides a high quality, gourmet standard hot chocolate drink. Operated by a simple push-button process and with an average brewing time of around ten seconds a quick service is guaranteed!

Incredibly user friendly, the machine also features Bravilor's signature hot water system which makes the internal plumbing less susceptible to scale formation, ensuring that it can provide exceptional hot chocolates time and time again.

  • Choose from over 15 high-quality coffee shop drinks

  • The Tap N' Brew app allows you to choose, personalise, and brew directly from your smartphone. 

  • With the new FLAVIA® frothing technology, froth fresh milk or dairy-free alternatives directly in your cup. 

  • With an industry-leading dependability you can rely on.

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