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Schools, Colleges & Universities

Beverage Solutions For The Education Sector:


This sector covers schools in the public and private sector, as well as colleges and universities. Access to hygienic, safe and COVID secure drinking water is important as is the need for GREEN solutions. Schools require the capacity to deal with peak demands during break times.

Coffee equipment and hot water boilers are used in staff rooms and high capacity water chillers and coffee machines are used in dining halls, cafeterias and similar.

Contactless COVID Secure Water Dispensers

Safe & hygienic touch free solutions to avoid COVID contamination 

Automatic Sanitisation & Disinfection With SIPneo3 Or UVC LED Bacteria Shield

Provides 24/7 protection against bacterial contamination

Hygienic Closed Liquid Coffee Systems

These machines reduce the risk of contamination due to its ability to dispense hot beverages with minimal human interaction - there is no direct human contact with the coffee or milk

Our Top Water & Coffee Machines For The Education Sector

For over 35 years Crown Water & Coffee have provided Water Cooler rental, installations and service to many educational organisations, schools and universities in the south of England

Water Fountain
Perfect For:
Perfect For:

ECO light Sensor To Turn The Boiler off Overnight, Saving Electricity Costs & Carbon Production

Low Height To Fit Under Cupboards

17 Ltrs/Hr Dispense

6lt Instant Hot Water Draw Off Above 95C

NO TOUCH ADAPTER available to convert to contactless Hot Water Boiler

Excellence Touch Compact
Perfect For:

Each drink may be customised in both quantity and strength using cutting-edge touch screen technology.

For ingredients visit

ECO sensor to save money
ArcticChill 88CL Covid Secure Water Cooler With Infra Red Dispensing Sensor

23cm Dispensing Height

Upgrade Option for UVC LED Bacteria Shield

Our Standard Installation Rail includes a Carbon Block Filter. This can be replaced by a high Pharma Rated NANOFilter as an upgrade

WFT6 Water Fountain For Schools And Colleges To Rent

Push Button Operated Bubbler & Glass Filler with 21cm dispense

S/S Cowling available to secure the WFT6 to the wall and make it BREAM compliant

Powersmart 3 Table to boiler for staff rooms and canteens in the education sector to rent
No Touch Adapter For Contactless Dispensing


Compact and fits in a variety of spaces

Wide selection of 7 coffee variations

The Mini Magnum has three canisters and 9 selections all within a footprint of just 16.5 cm wide!

This machine is known for its high speed delivery

The WFT6 is a conventional Water Fountain with Manual Bubbler and Swan Neck Bottle Filler

Please be assured that we will help you to find the most suitable solution for you - Contact us for advice.

Equipment Rental
With Service Contract

  • All Inclusive Rental & Service Contract

  • Ingredients can be included with relevant machines

  • Cooling Off Period

  • Free Site Assessment & Free Installation

  • Pre-Planned Sanitising & Filter Exchange

  • 1 Unplanned Service Visit Included

  • Dedicated Hotline Support

  • Visit for ingredients

Equipment Purchase
Plus Service Contract 

  • Outright Equipment Purchase With Service Contract

  • Ingredients can be included with relevant machines

  • Free Site Assessment & Free Installation

  • Pre-Planned Sanitising & Filter Exchange

  • 1 Unplanned Service Visit Included

  • Dedicated Hotline Support 

  • Visit for ingredients

Equipment Purchase
Without Contract or Purchase Ingredients

  • Outright Cooler Purchase

  • Service Available On Request

  • Parts & Accessories Can Be Purchased Direct From crownequipmentdirect For Self-Install & Maintainance 

  • Coffee Beans, Filter Coffee, Instant Coffee

  • Tea & Hot Chocolate

  • Cups, Lids & Stirrers

  • Cleaning Products For each Specific Machine

  • Visit  for ingredients