A diverse range of quality coffee machines tailored to small, medium and large businesses. Discover the full experience at our showroom in Newbury or let us come to you to show you what we offer. We have a rental solution for you! 

Experienced In Coffee Solutions

Commercial Coffee Machines

Do you need help deciding which commercial coffee solution is the perfect fit for you business? We have 35 years experience in the coffee industry and understand that choosing the right coffee machine for your business can be difficult. We are here to make the process easier by supporting you in finding the perfect rental package for your business.

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Douwe Egberts

Exclusive Douwe Egberts Partner

Each business has individual needs and Douwe Egberts have a broad range of machines. So no matter what type of coffee solution you are looking for, we can tailor to your needs to get the perfect fit solution for you.

  • Exclusive Douwe Egberts partner

  • Large range of machines and coffees to suit your taste and pocket

  • Our dedicated support and maintenance service ensures that your coffee equipment keeps working 24/7 

  • Free installation and delivery

  • Bean to cup or liquid coffee machines

  • Delivering from 100 - 700 cups per hour

Find your perfect coffee machine

Barista One

Bring the authentic fresh bean experience to the workplace

  • Bean to cup

  • 15-25 head count

  • 120 cups per hour

Excellence Touch

  • Liquid coffee

  • 10-25 head count

  • 180 cups per hour

New Innovative touch screen, high quality coffee with a touch of luxury

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Excellence Touch Compact

 Combines performance with the ability to quickly & efficiently deliver high street quality coffee

  • ​Liquid coffee

  • 10-25 head count

  • 180 cups per hour


High speed, high capacity

high quality

  • Liquid coffee

  • 25-10 head count

  • 700 cups per hour



The ultimate in hospitality

& style

  • L'or liquid coffee

  • 5-40 head count

  • 150 cups per day

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L'OR Lucente Pro

Why serve anything less than gold

  • Capsule machines​

  •  Head count

  •  Cups per hour

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L'OR Mini

Discover the ultimate hospitality

  • Capsule machines​

  •  Head count

  •  Cups per hour

Coffee Club

Small but mighty

  • Beans

  • Fresh Milk Option

  • Modern Fresh Look

  • Slim Build

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Bean To Cup Commercial Coffee Machines


Introducing Air Touch

Contact-Less Selection

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Vitro X1

  • With up to 12 speciality coffee options available,

  • Consumption of up to 150 cups per day.

  • Easy to clean and maintain

The art of espresso coffee in  a compact footprint

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Allowing Drinks Selection

Without Direct Contact

Touch Free Eliminates Contamination 

Vitro X4 

  • Comprehensive drinks menu

  • Easy to maintain & clean

  • Trendy touch screen

  • Go large options for your drinks

Discover the ultimate in hospitality & convenience​

Vitro X4_edited.png

Vitro X3

  • Comprehensive drinks menu

  • Easy to maintain & clean

  • Hard working durable machine

Bring the authentic fresh bean experience to the workplace

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Vitro M3 Fresh Milk

Discover the ultimate in hospitality & convenience​

vitro fresh milk_edited.png
  • Fresh Milk

  • Comprehensive Drinks Menu

  • Automatic Cleaning Process

  • Go Large Drink Options

  • Easy To Maintain & Clean

WMF 1100S

  • 7 inch touch display

  • Compact, yet reliable & consistent

  • Large variety of beverages

  • Quick & easy to clean

Your office all-star!


WMF 1500S

  • Dynamic milk option

  • 180 cups per day

  • Automatic cleaning

  • Customise machine - touch screen, side panels, buttons

  • Steamjet - every cup is warm

Professional coffee

made simple


WMF 5000S

Speeding up quality, because indulgence now has pace

  • Time Function - Set Your Machine To Turn On

  • Compact Design

  • Dynamic Milk System

  • Customise Machine - Touch Screen, Side Panels, Buttons

WMF 9000S

  • Cup lift for smaller cups

  • Two grinders

  • Built in automatic milk Foam system -'traditional espresso' effect

  • For high volume use

  • High durability

Simply faster, simply better


WMF Espresso

  • Grinds coffee & tamps with 100% consistency 

  • Touch screen display

  • Easy use and clean 

The perfect espresso, handmade automatically

wmf espresso_edited.png

Jura Giga X3

Moving into the top class

Jiga x 3_edited.png
  • Easy to operate 

  • Integrated rinsing, cleaning & descaling programmes reduce the human effort involved

  • Customisable with accessories

Jura Giga X8

  • Prepares perfect coffee in record time

  • 29 different coffee drinks 

  • Adjust coffee strength 

  • Hot milk &  foam options

  • Easy to maintain & clean

Built for

maximum performance

jiga x8_edited.png

Vitro & Vitale

The technology of Distance Selection helps you to pick your preference from your coffee machine without touching any surfaces, avoiding contact contamination. Providing a healthy and hygienic coffee option for you. 

The new Vitro X1 coffee machine is a lightweight style, elegant and contemporary - perfect for places with medium demand that strive to offer high-quality drinks, along with the best user experience.

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The comprehensive range of machines ensures that all tastes are catered for, with options to choose from including: soluble coffees, hot chocolate and espresso based drinks which are all ground fresh from the bean.Quality and consistency are ensured from the Vitro range time and time again.

Vitro S1

  • 100 cups per day

  • For small - medium use

  • Reliable, hard working machine

Compact machine designed to provide the highest quality  coffee espresso based drinks

VITRO S1_2.png