For ensuring your team & customers stay healthy and hydrated, water coolers are the perfect solution for any business. Touch-Free dispensing contact-less water coolers are the smart choice for any business as they reduce the risk of bacteria contamination and virus spread by people touching the unit

Touch Free Water Coolers


Safe, Hygienic & Protects Against Touch Contamination 

Contactless Options For Coolers & Fountains


There are a variety of Coolers available which can offer you contact-less water dispensing, depending on the needs of your business we can get the right water solution for you.

Smart Infra-Red Sensors

Allows you to dispense the water touch free by placing your hand in front of the sensor <4cm


Foot Pedal Control

A hygienic solution to bottle filling, water is dispensed by activating a foot pedal


Traditional Push Paddle Taps

Push the glass or cup against the paddle tap to dispense water, mitigating the spread of bacteria and viruses

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Protecting Your Cooler With 24/7 Automatic Sanitising

Keeping your cooler safe and hygienic our SIPneo3 automatic self-sanitising system comes as standard in our compatible coolers. SIPneo3 Automatically sanitises your water cooler instead of you. The resulting hygiene level protects your customers health, whilst SIP sleep mode reduces your electricity bill.

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Smart Infra-Red Sensors

  • Infra RED Sensors detect your hand and automatically open the water flow 

  • Protects against touch contamination

  • Hygienic & safe

  • Hands-free operation is simple and convenient

ArcticChill 88CL2


  • High Volume Water Cooler

  • Delivers 30 - 40 Litres Per Hour Of Chilled Water Below 12˚C

  • Infra Red sensor to enable contact-less dispensing

  • Retains blue dispensing button as a manual option

  • Direct Chill - Cold Only



  • Avoids hand to tap bacterial contamination and can deliver chilled, ambient and carbonated Water.

  • Well designed, compact cooler

  • Elegant blue LED light assists in bottle/glass positioning. The HI CLASS TOP 30 has an optional base cabinet to convert to a floor standing model. out.



  • Wall Mounted Drinking Fountain With Contact-less Tap

  • The  Tap Infra Red Sensor is activated by a hand

  • For indoor and covered outdoor areas

  • Can provide ambient or chilled water



  • Undersink Chiller & Contact-Less Swan Neck Tap

  • The Infra Red Sensor is activated by a hand hovering over the sensor

  • Cold water capacity of 5 ltr/h with an instant draw off of 1.5ltr below 10˚C

Experience Our Range Of Contact-Less Water Solutions

  • Low cost economic contactless water coolers

  • Avoids hand contact with push paddle taps 

  • The glass or cup pushes against the tap to dispense

  • Touch free, hygienic & safe

  • SIP Automatic Sanitisation included

Jazz 1100/1000


  • Manual Taps - no contact

  • Bottled/Mains Fed

  • Table-Top/Floor Standing

  • Cold & Ambient or Hot & Cold

  • Dispensing Height: 14cm



  • Manual Taps - no contact

  • Bottled/Mains Fed

  • Table-Top/Floor Standing

  • Cold & Ambient or Hot & Cold

  • Dispensing Height: 14cm

Traditional Push Paddle Taps
Foot Pedal Control

  • Low cost economic contactless fountain

  • Avoids hand contact with foot pedal control

  • Perfect fo schools, gyms and hospitals

  • Includes a tamper resistant swan neck tap

  • Touch free, hygienic & safe


Foot Pedal Fountain


  • WFP9T Hands Free Pedal Controlled Fountain For Bottle Filling

  • Durable and reliable: High capacity 26 litre per hour fountain with foot pedal controlled glass filler.

  • With waste to drain.

  • Glass filler height: 210mm

Water Cooler
Maintenance & Hygiene 

We offer complete servicing & maintenance of your water cooler to enable you to provide a safe and hygienic hydration solution within your business. Including:

> Regular Sanitising visits, to ensure your business is meeting       

    the UK Water Cooler Association recommendations.


> Providing you with a food safe sanitising spray. Used daily to

    sanitise the taps and dispensing area. You can purchase

    additional spray at any time.

Water filter exchange. With an option to use our Nano-filtration

    system which represents a new generation of filters. Which has a 

    high pharma rating and enhanced flow rate. The NanoFilter removes

    99.98% of Cryptosporidium, Giardia Intestinalis & E-coli.

"Keep you cooler safe and hygienic sanitise taps and dispensing area with a commercially available food safe sanitising spray, such as our CCSPRAY, and wash the Drip Tray and Grill with soap and hot water."

Free No Obligation Site Survey From From One Of Our Expert Team,

We Make It Simple For You

Experience Our Water Solutions

  • 3 Months Fee Rental Available* 

  • Free Installation 

  • Maintenance & Servicing Included.

  • 24/7 Engineer Support

  • Personal site assessment from one our team

  • Flexible upgrades 

  • Includes sanitising visits and water filter exchange

  • Cups and consumables available and supplied via our online shop

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SIPneo3 Sanitisation System

We are proud to offer you the unique SIPneo3 sanitisation system as standard!

  • Sip automatically sanitises your bottled or mains fed cooler overnight, every night, 24/7

  • By activating Sip 12-hour sleep mode from 18.00 to 06.00 plus having sleep mode activated on weekends, you can make significant savings on electricity bills

  • A hot and cold cooler with sleep mode can save up to £85 per year!!

Water Filters

  • A carbon block filter is the standard filter we use for water coolers or water boilers in a soft water area, this removes the taste and smell of the chlorine in the mains water

  • The NanoFilter candle represents a new generation of filters. It has a high pharma rating and enhanced flow rate. The NanoFilter removes 99.98% of Cryptosporidium, Giardia Intestinalis & E-coli. The NanoFilter resists blocking, even at low water pressure and is the preferred filter for use in hospitals, hospices, schools and for areas which are prone to blocking


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