High Volume Water Dispensers, Water Coolers & Taps For HORECA to rent or buy

Hotels, Restaurants, Catering (HORECA) Water Cooler Solution

ECO Friendly - Sustinable Solution

Hotels, Restaurants & Catering establishments all benefit from our high volume dispense range. Plus save money using this holistic water solution.

Our HORECA Water solution is increasingly used to fill re-usable glass bottles or decanters, which replace single-use plastic and glass bottles. Don’t recycle - Refill & Re-Use! Easily see how much you can save your business by using our calculator below.

ECO Friendly - Sustinable Solution

Switch to a sustainable solution that stops plastic or glass water bottles from being delivered!

ECO Friendly - Sustinable Solution

GREEN solution - keeping vans and lorries off the road!

Niagara Table Top High Volume Water Cooler
Niagara High Volume Water Cooler
High Class Table Top Water Cooler

Sustainable Solution   |   Lowers Costs   |   Reducing Environmental Impact

ECO Friendly - Sustinable Solution

Our Acqua Alma complete water solution is the clear choice for hospitality professionals,

who need to identify the most cost-effective solution to meet customers’ expectations.

All while increasing efficiency and profitability in your Hotel, Restaurant or Café.


Talk to us about how we can help you make a positive impact on the environment and your margins.

Through offering your guests refreshing, zero KM, filtered still or sparkling water, saving you money and protecting the planet! 

Holistic Water Solutions

Let us help you make the right choice toward successful growth. Through eliminating transported water, lowering emissions, and increasing efficiencies across Hotels, Restaurants, Catering and more!

For Full Details Just Ask Us!

ECO Friendly - Sustinable Solution
Water Solution Saves You Money
ECO Friendly - Sustinable Solution

Saves You

Save on the labour and cost of recycling, storing, and cooling bottled water, plus drastically cut the cost per serving to between 1-6p.

Water Solution Reduces Environmental Impact
ECO Friendly - Sustinable Solution

Reduces Environmental


Help the environment by eliminating the need for road haulage and reducing C02 pollution. Lets keep unnecessary vans and lorries off the road!

Water Solution Sustainable
ECO Friendly - Sustinable Solution



Eliminating the need for single-use plastic and glass bottle recycling embracing zero waste. Simply switch to a solution that eliminates the need for transported water.

Water Solution Frees Up You Resources
ECO Friendly - Sustinable Solution5.png

Frees Up Your


Save Space: No storing bottled water and using up valuable fridge space. Less labour: reduced Admin, fewer invoices, less manpower moving stock. Giving you more time to deal with more important things!

Our High Volume Water Coolers and Taps
Niagara High Volume Water Cooler