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Beverage Solutions For The Leisure Industry:


Are you wondering what the best solution is for both your staff and members? Let us help you! We understand that getting it right isn’t easy but whether you are serving large or small groups or even just an individual we can offer a fit to all solutions, be it your staff room, bar or gym.

Contact-less Water Dispensers

Safe & hygienic touch free solutions reduce bacteria contamination 

Automatic Sanitisation & Disinfection

Provides24/7 protection against bacterial contamination.

Hygienic closed liquid coffee systems

These machines reduce the risk of contamination due to its ability to dispense hot beverages with minimal human interaction - there is no direct human contact with the coffee or milk.

How Can We help?

If you would like more information about a product or service we offer, or need advise about your current supply, please contact us - no question is too small!


Behind The Bar

To Grab A Coffee Or Tea On The Go

In The Hall Way

To Fill Up Water Bottles

The Staff Room

To Boost Morale & Reward Employees 

The Ideal Location For Machines


represents a major technological


  • Providing 24/7 protection against bacterial contamination

  • The UV Disinfects your Direct Chill/Ice Bank Coolers 24/7

  • Destroys 99%+ of Cryptosporidium, Giardia, E-Coli, Pseudomonas and Legionella 

  • In contrast to conventional UV light sources and other Sanitising Systems, KLARAN does not use any Mercury or other Chemicals which may produce harmful by-products

  • Positioned in front of the Cooler Tap to provide point of dispense disinfection.


Screenshot 2021-01-27 at 07.39.51.png

Vitro X1

  • Introducing Air Touch Contact-Less Selection.

  • With up to 12 speciality coffee options available,

  • Consumption of up to 150 cups per day.

  • Easy to clean and maintain

Contact-Less Foot Pedal Water Fountain

  • The WFP9T hands free pedal controlled fountain is perfect for bottle & glass filling.

  • This hygienic solution bottle filler is activated by a foot pedal, & designed to protect against virus contamination.

  • With tamper resistant swan neck tap

Barista One

  • Hard working machine produces effortlessly consistent coffee

  • Brings the coffee shop experience

  • Customisable features to suit your operational needs

  • Fully automatic Machine That grinds & extracts in front of you

Excellence Touch

  • Stylish design with 7-inch touch screen display

  • Wide selection of delicious coffee variations

  • High capacity

  • Easy to refill & minimal downtime when cleaning 

Font 10 Contact-Less

Water Fountain

  • Infra-Red Sensor, for contact-less dispense

  • Hygienic & safe

  • Non Stick 'Joy stick'

  • Wall Mounted

  • Adjustable Water Flow

  • Un-chilled Mains Fed