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Nano Filtration


What Is The NanoFilter?

  • The NanoFilter comes with some of the latest features in filter technology, eliminating not only taste and odour but bacteria and viruses too.

  • The composition of the NanoFilter Candle removes 99.98% of Cryptosporidium, Giardia Intestinalis and E Coli and provides protection against Legionella, Pseudonomas, Salmonella, Mycobacteria and Aspergillis.

  • The NanoFilter ensures a high flow rate, even at a slow water pressure, whilst substantially reducing the risk of blocking.

  • We are proud of the NanoFilters Green Credentials: The plastic housing is re-usable as well as this the NanoFilter Candle can be disposed with household waste.

How Does It Work?

A video says more than a thousand words! So why not click and watch the video below to see the NanoFilter in action, showing how effectively the NanoFilter can turn “inky water” into crystal clear water. 

NanoFilter Thumbnail.PNG