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Niagara Top Water Cooler

Effective Energy Saving, Sustainable Water Cooler
Niagara Top Table Top Water Cooler
Optimum Hydration

The COSMETAL NIAGARA Top is a sophisticated ICE BANK water cooler that is ideal for high-volume applications since it can dispense enormous amounts of water (up to 120 litres per hour) in cold or sparkling ambient temperature settings. It is simple to install in line with canteens or worktops, as well as on bar and restaurant counters, due to its reduced depth, which allows for placement in tight or restricted places.

Additional Options:
  • UVC LED Bacteria Shield providing 24/7 point of dispense protection from bacteria and viruses

  • COVID Secure Contactless Dispensing

  • Electronic Controls for programmable automatic settings and dispense

Dimensions (cm)

Floor Standing: 51H, 48.2W, 49D

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