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Instant Boiling Plus Ambient Or Chilled Water With Unique Scale Protection

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Introducing the stylish EZYTAP - which completes the look of any modern office space. The EZYTAP75 is an elegant under-sink hot water tap which provides you with hot and ambient filtered water, whilst the EZYTAP7800 can provide hot but also chilled filtered water. This under-sink hot water heater can supply 14 litres of hot water instantly, not only saving space verses bulky cooler water boilers, but also replenishing the source water automatically. Easy to use with a newly designed innovative touch operating panel which is not only contemporary but multi-functional and waterproof. The panel includes a unique safety lock button, designed to prevent burns. The unit itself is very energy efficient and annually consumes less electricity than a 40 watt light bulb. This ingenious easy to use tap is perfect for hot chilled or ambient filtered water on tap - in an instant!

"This stylish chrome tap with electronic touch panel faucet and hot water safety button would grace any modern office. The EZYTAP75/EZYTAP7800 boiler and chiller are discreetly housed in the cabinet base unit underneath the tap."


- Chrome faucet with electronic controls

- Touch control dispensing taps

- Flashing indicator light when heating

- Hot water safety tap

- Dispensing height of 200mm

Under sink systems​​​

- The EZYTAP75 provides hot and ambient water. Connecting our UC800 under sink chiller creates the EZYTAP7800, which provides hot and chilled water.

- The EZYTAP atmospheric boiler includes a powerful 2kW SUS316 ring type heating element with a large heating area and fast heat conduction.

- The UC800 is a compressor cooler with a static fan assisted condenser.

- It is recommended that the under sink base unit allows 100mm ventilation space around the EZYTAP75/EZYTAP7800.

Unique boiler scale protection in hard water areas

The South and Central areas of England are known for high levels of scale – the enemy of boilers! Unlike other under-sink boilers, the EZYTAP has separate mains water connections for the boiler and for the ambient/chiller side. The boiler can therefore be protected by a proper scale removal filter. A scale removal filter would be too expensive for the ambient/chilled side, which only requires a lower cost carbon block filter. In soft water areas, both the hot and the ambient/chilled inlets can be joined to connect to a single carbon filter.

Contact us today and get an EZYTAP for your business!


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