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An Extensive Range Of Water Coolers

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What Is The SIPNeo3?

  • Sip automatically sanitises your bottled or mains fed cooler overnight, every night 24/7

  • It ensures maximum cooler hygiene and thereby protects young or immune deficient users, as well as the general public if the mains supply gets contaminated.

  • By activating SIP 12-hour Sleep Mode from 18.00 to 06.00 plus  having Sleep Mode activated on weekends, you can make significant savings in electricity.

  • A Hot & Cold Cooler without Sleep Mode would use 983KWH per year. With Sleep Mode this reduces to 377KWH, a saving of 61% at 14p per KWH which would equate to a saving of £85 per year!!

  • The saving for an Ambient & Chilled Cooler, using the same formula saves 56% amounting to £11 per year.

How Does It Work?

Click and watch the video below, the SIPNeo3 Sanitisation system is explained or alternatively download our brochure for more information!