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Optimum Hydration

  • A compact and discreet drinking water solution

  • Supplied with contact-less glass-filler tap

  • Compressor cooling with fan assisted condenser

  • The UC800CL has a cold water capacity of 5 ltr/h with an instant draw off of 1.5ltr below 10˚C, from an influent temperature of 26˚C

  • The Infra Red Sensor is activated by a hand hovering over the sensor at a distance of 2cm to 5cm

  • The Sensor is connected to an Inlet Solenoid which opens the water supply when activated, and stops the water flowing when the hand is removed

Dimensions (mm)

410H, 410W, 210D (Tap +300H)


Compact Under sink Chiller With Contact-Less Swan Neck Tap

UC_800CL copy.png




Compostable Cups

Nano Filtration 

Nano Filters

Filter Housing with Carbon Block & NANOF

  Carbon Filters

Direct Sales Image - Filter Housing & Ca

  Cone Cups

Cone Cups_edited.png

Under-Sink Chiller

Cold Water Only

Infra Red Swan Neck Tap

Indoor Only

Dispensing Height: 20cm

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