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Wall Mounted Bottled Filler

Optimum Hydration

The wall-mounted bottle filler has an innovative and elegant design.

- It can be simply installed by one of our engineers practically anywhere there is water access! 
- The perfect solution for office spaces, hotels, schools, hospitals, sports venues. The bottle filler is perfect for any business where a larger floor standing water-cooler or fountain cannot be installed
- Made of stainless steel and aluminium


900H x 114D x 273W

The Innovative Wall-Mounted Bottled Filler




Nano Filter

Filter Housing with Carbon Block & NANOF

 Carbon Filter

Direct Sales Image - Filter Housing & Ca

  Cone Cups

Cone Cups_edited.png

Bottled: No

Mains Fed: Yes

Wall Mounted

Weight: 7kg

Dispensing Height: 29cm

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