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Touch-Free Water Cooler Dispensing

Supplying Businesses With
Water Coolers & Coffee Equipment To Rent Or Buy

Niagara High Volume Water Cooler
ArcticChill 88 Contactless Touch Free, Cold Water Cooler
3300X Floor-Standing Hot & Cold Water Cooler
Vitro brean to cup coffee mahcine with distance selection touch free dispense
WFP9T Foot Pedal Operated Tocuh Free Water Fountain
EZYTAP Hot & Cold Tap For Commercial Use
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Iberital IB7 2 Group traditonal espresso coffee machine
Barista One bean to cup commercial coffee machine
Contactless Touch Free Dispensing Water Cooler
Distance Selection touch free dispense for coffee machines

Supplying Commercial water coolers, water fountains & water boilers to rent or buy. Plus coffee equipment to rent with full servicing & ingredients 

Why Our Many Customers Have Selected Crown Water & Coffee
As Their Preferred Supplier

One Word


  • Our objective is to make dealing with us simple and pleasurable

  • You can call us if you need advice or help. We aim to answer within 3 rings

  • We limit our activities to 70 miles from our Newbury base – to be close to you

  • Pre-planned sanitising and filter exchange visits include preventative maintenance

  • Competent hotline support to prevent a problem becoming a crisis  

  • Same day or next day unplanned engineer call outs

 We have been supplying the business sector with commercial water coolers & coffee equipment solutions for over 35 years. We have become the south of England's premier water cooler & coffee machine supplier. We are confident we can help you to find the best solution for you.

Want To Rent Or Buy A Water Cooler Or Coffee Machine?

Crown Water & Coffee supply's a wide range of mains-fed & bottled water coolers for rent or sale to suit all budgets

For over 35 years Crown Water & Coffee have provided water cooler rental, installations and service. Supplying  to business to business organisations in the south of England

Contactless dispesning for water coolers
ArcticChill 88 water cooler with contactless dispensing
Contactless dispensing water cooler for touch free water

COVID Secure Water Coolers
With Bacteria Protection

Infra-Red contactless dispensing avoids touch contamination

UVC LED rays kill 99.99% of bacteria & kills viruses

SIP Automatic Overnight Sanitising destroys bacteria

Infra-red sensor (Touch Free) upgrade is available on many coolers

HiClass Top 30 water cooler

Extensive Range Of Water Fountains, Water Boilers,
Coffee Machines & Supplies For Rent Or To Buy

WFT6  Water Fountain

Water Fountains & Fonts

Simple to install wall-mounted fonts plus conventional & foot pedal operated fountains

Infra-red contactless dispensing options to avoid touch contamination

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Hot Water Boilers

High capacity hot water dispensing up to 27 litres/hour

Commercial Coffee Machines

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