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Wall Mounted Drinking Water Fountain
Font 10 - Image.png
FONT 10CL (With Symbol).png
(Contactless Swan Neck)
(Contactless Bubbler)
FONT 10 BCL (With Symbol).png
Optimum Hydration

The FONT 10 is a simple solution to a rising need for readily available drinking water in places like schools and sport facilities. The FONT 10 is a multipurpose unit that may be used indoors or outside in enclosed areas. It has a bubbler and is set up for mains drainage. For unchilled mains fed water, the FONT 10 simply connects to the mains supply.

The Font 10 can also be connected to our under-sink chiller to provide chilled water. With waste to drain.

Additional Options:
  • NanoFilter High Pharma Water Filter to increase flow rate & remove 99% of bacteria & viruses

  • COVID Secure Contactless Dispensing Option with the FONT10CL or FONT10BCL

Dimensions (mm)

Wall Mounted:220H, 310W, 345D

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