Optimum Hydration

Hands-Free Drinking Fountain With Pedal Control To Protect Against Virus Contamination

  • The WFP9T hands free drinking fountain has been designed as a bottle filler, to meet the growing demand for bottle filling, combined with the need to protect from virus contamination. 

  • Hygienic Solution Bottle Filler Activated By Pedal

  • Durable and reliable: High capacity 26 litre per hour fountain with foot pedal controlled glass filler

  • With waste to drain

Dimensions (mm)

1015H, 305W, 305D


 WFP9T Hands Free Pedal Controlled Fountain For Bottle Filling

 - The Perfect Solution To Minimise Touch Contamination

WFP9 Crown.jpg


Nano Filters

Filter Housing with Carbon Block & NANOF

  Carbon Filters

Cone Cups


Floor Standing: Yes

Weight: 26g

Glass Filler Height: 210mm

Power Supply: 220/240 Volt, 50hz

Hose Out Included

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Nano Filtration 


Compostable Cups

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