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Ultimate Taste

The WMF espresso is an elegant barista-style coffee machine built for absolutely anyone. Designed to be simple and straightforward to operate, this WMF coffee machine is the barista and allows its users to prepare coffee-shop favourites simply by pressing a button.


The WMF espresso has been built using cutting edge technology and makes use of numerous internal systems to ensure a consistently perfect brew.

From the moment the portafilter is inserted and a drink is selected, the WMF Espresso sets to work with precision. 

Dimensions (mm)

580H x 723W x 540D

WMF Espresso

The Perfect Espresso, Handmade Automatically

wmf espresso 2.jpg


White Ox

White ox_edited.png

Barista Choice Espresso Blend

Barista Choice Espresso Blend_edited.png

DE Piazza D'oro Forza Beans

Piazza D'oro_edited.png


Coffee Type: Beans

Cups Per Hour: 300

Cleaning: 5 Minutes Per Day

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