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As a supplier of drinking water solutions, we're witnessing an increase in demand for safer and sustainable beverage solutions. As a result, we've looked at ways to further expand our offering of hygienic drinking products with the latest technology. We are already working with our customers to tackle environmental issues like the use of single-use plastic bottles. But what is available? And why should you invest in it?

“By law, employers must provide access to water in the workplace. Scientists say there is little doubt that dehydration can affect performance. Even a loss of just 1% of body mass can have an impact of mental and physical health” (WHA, 2022)

Ultimately water fuels you, helping to influence productivity levels for all. Whether in a gym, school, workplace, or public space, more customers are implementing safe and effective water solutions to stay hydrated. This article gives you the products to ensure your drinking water is purified to the highest quality. Identifying the ways in which coolers currently operate, and the most sustainable way for you to upgrade your water cooler.


Latest Solutions to Increase Drinking Water Purity

The UK already has one of the best water supplies in all of Europe in terms of safety and regulation. New technological developments are just helping to further cement this statement. These advancements are simple and affordable ways in which you can guarantee trustworthy hydration.

Contactless Dispensing

In response to COVID, many of us have adopted ways of taking extra precautions within our workplaces to ensure hygiene is well maintained. One of these is our contactless solution, reducing touch points and therefore germ transmission. There are a few ways in which contactless solutions have been implemented.

  • Contactless alternatives can operate via infrared motion sensors that dispense water automatically from the tap. Activated by your hand hovering in front of the sensor.

  • Alternatively, foot pedals are also an extremely effective upgrade, further preventing physical contact with your cooler. Contactless solutions are already proving popular with our customers and have been widely well received.

Water filtration to Purify your Drinking Water

When it comes to your water cooler, there are two stages in which your water can be filtered/ purified before it reaches your glass. These stages are referred to as pre- and post-filtration.

  • Pre-filtration refers to the water being filtered as it leaves the mains pipes and enters your cooler. This initial screening of the water is a process that all water coolers have installed and as a rule eliminates taste, odour, and any debris. These filters are extremely effective, but if the are not maintained and replaced can become ineffective.

  • Post-filtration occurs inside your cooler within the tank or at the point of dispense, just before it leaves your machine. Purifying your water at the very latest stage to ensure that the water is as pure as it possibly could be. Even if the water in your cooler has become contaminated for whatever reason, the post-filtration devices are there to ensure hygiene is well maintained.


During this stage of the filtration process, you would typically find a Carbon Block filter or a Nano-filter. Both filter the water from the mains to remove any dirt and debris which can come from the pipes or system, and whilst they come into play at the same point, they perform different functions to filter your water.

  • Carbon block filters work to remove chlorine from your water. Chlorine is added to mains water to cleanse the mains pipe. We then eliminate the taste and smell of the chlorine as it enters your cooler. We need chlorine to cleanse our water is travels through the underground pipes. But we then remove it to make it more pleasurable.

  • Nano-filters further filter your water, removing any bacteria or contaminates that may have entered the supply. Nanofilters additionally are there to remove bacteria such as Cysts, Giardia, Salmonella and Aspergillus amongst others.


This stage of filtration is an additional layer of protection that many business sectors such as health care and education consider implementing into their coolers as standard. One of the most talked about and popular solutions are UV filters. Traditional UV filters that are used in most water coolers are effective but are not perfect. The lamps used to emit the traditional UV rays contain mercury which is a recognised harmful substance which also has a finite lifespan. These lamps are therefore not a sustainable solution, needing to be replaced more regularly. This in turn increases the number of call outs you will need to service your machine.

  • The KLARAN UVC LED filter is a perfect sustainable solution. UVC water filters are a safe water treatment option for both consumers and the environment. Traditional UV filters and UVC LED filter systems manage water in the same way. Primarily used to remove biological contaminates from residential drinking water. The key benefits of using UVC LED over standard UV lamps revolves around cost and sustainability. The KLARAN UVC LED not only has a longer lifespan but also is more effective as it is not susceptible to scale build up and other factors that can interrupt UV lamps.

  • In addition to our UVC LED filter from KLARAN, many customers are also increasingly opting to install a SIP device. SIP is a programable ozone generator which can be fitted to most tank fed POU (point of use) coolers. Designed to sanitise your cooler tank every night, it does the hard work for you. Reducing sanitising visits on average by 50%, SIP devices are also recognised by the WHA (water hygiene association) governing body. This automated device will also save you money on electrical bills too by putting your cooler into sleep mode every night.


In summary, your water cooler requires more maintenance than you probably first thought. But it is crucial to ensuring your team’s productivity through hydration. Water is food and needs to be treated properly in order to be safe and hygienic. We know that maintaining your water cooler can become a bit of a chore, which is why we use the latest technology in our machines. Providing affordable, effective, and quality drinking water solutions. At Crown, we offer a range of essential products to help keep your workforce hydrated, and focused. You can find links to the products and services mentioned in this article below.


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WHA, 2022 - [Available online]

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