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Barista Training

We offer all our customers the opportunity to learn the art of making great coffee.

Our professional barista training service provides you with the essential skills needed to becoming a confident barista. The training session is an informative introduction which includes all aspects from how to operate the machine, demonstrating the technical skills required to create exceptional coffee and looking after the equipment to deliver the perfect cup everyday!

Training Overview

(£75.00+ VAT Per Session)

Our Barista Training is for up to 3 people and usually lasts 1-2 hours. We provide a perfect blend of practical hands-on learning, demonstrations, and exploring a passion for coffee. Once you have received your training you will receive a certificate, and have access to a number of barista guides to aid you further, this allows you to train other members of your team who also want to learn barista skills!

Be Confident In Your Skillset
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Learn the lingo: As your journey into the barista world progresses, we explain and introduce the variety of widely used words and pieces of equipment.


Importance of the grind:Learn the coffee grinding process the different types of coffee grinder available, as well as the significance of grinder calibration.


It all begins with espresso: The majority of a barista's drinks are built around espresso, so getting the right extraction is key - learn and practise how to dose, pack, tamp and extract the perfect espresso.


Milk Frothing: All milky drinks require milk textured for foam or in a wet creamy style. Learn how to make silky smooth micro-foam using two milk-texturing techniques.


Building your menu: Discover the recipes for the different types of coffee drinks, such as latte and cappuccino and also an introduction into cold options which is a rising trend. How many shots of espresso, how much cocoa for a mocha, and whether the milk is foamy or smooth and wet? We take you through the detail for each drink.


Ongoing Care: Understand the importance of cleaning and how to care for the coffee making equipment.

Barista Training is a great way to provide your team with the knowledge and skills to deliver great tasting coffee, or support a professional barista to take their coffee making to the next level. After the training you can feel confident that you have acquired the expertise to make the perfect cup!

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If you would like more information about our barista training please contact us - no question is too small!

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