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Crown Water & Coffee Supply A Large Range Of Boilers, Coolers and Coffee Machines Designed To Save Energy & Money.

Energy Saving Solutions

Cutting down on energy usage has quickly become more important than ever. The soaring cost of energy has forced us to take proactive measures to reducing our consumption.

Using less energy when it comes to water solutions is something that we take very seriously and believe can be a realistic solution. We offer a range of top quality products that have been designed to think smarter and save you money.

Check out just a few of of the ways we can help you cut down on your energy bill. No matter what you're looking for, we have something for you.

"Almost Half the money spent on energy bills is absorbed by heating and hot water costs"

-(Mehdi Punjwani, MoneySuperMarket: 2022)


It is best not to have a kettle for medium to large staff numbers as the cost and time wasted is quite stark. Kettles for staff in offices with 10+ employee's have large hidden costs that build up when you are waiting for your kettle to boil.


Our PowerSmart 3 Water boiler also offers an ECO Sensor (sleep mode) which turns the boiler off when your lights are off and not in use. Stopping the energy wasted on continuously heating your water to temperature throughout the night when you are not in!


Alternatively, a simple timer on your boiler plug will do a similar job. However, please note, your boiler will need about 30 minutes to get back up to temperature.

Did You Know?

Constantly filling a kettle - usually boiling far more than we need - uses enough power annually that equals half the output of one of the worlds largest offshore wind farms


SIP can be retro-fitted to all reservoir based water coolers. SIP is a revolutionary device which sanitises your water cooler every day.

Like the PowerSmart 3, SIP comes complete with sleep mode, offering you the opportunity to save money by shutting down during the hours you are closed.

Smart timers offer peace of mind as well as savings, knowing that you are only using energy when you need it. Automatic sanitisation also saves the hassle and worry of ensuring your water solution is hygienic.

Please contact us to discuss how we can install a SIP device in your cooler.

Did You Know?


Refilling a 500ml bottle of water 584 times costs you the same as a single 500ml bottle from the shops

The Douwe Egbert’s Excellence Touch & Compact Touch are not only superfast & hygienic machines, but both also have Smart Energy Consumption technology. They can be programmed to offer a bespoke sleep mode experience that works around you & your opening hours.


It sounds simple, but these small changes go a long way in helping you to save money on your monthly bill. This is especially useful given the current climate and soaring costs.

The Flavia C600 also helps you achieve sustainability goals, with an A+ energy rating for efficiency and zero waste to landfill in production.

Please contact us to get the full range of sleep technology equipment.

Did You Know?


34% of the electrical energy used by cooking and drinking appliances was from boiling water in a kettle


Water Tap Rental
With Service Contract

  • All Inclusive Rental & Service Contract

  • Cooling Off Period

  • Free Site Assessment & Free Installation

  • Pre-Planned Filter Exchange

  • 1 Unplanned Service Visit Included

  • Dedicated Hotline Support 

Water Tap Purchase
Plus Service Contract

  • Outright Boiler Purchase With Service Contract

  • Free Site Assessment & Free Installation

  • Pre-Planned Filter Exchange

  • 1 Unplanned Service Visit Included

  • Dedicated Hotline Support 

Water Tap Purchase
Without Contract

  • Outright Boiler Purchase

  • Service Available On Request

  • Parts & Accessories Can Be Purchased Direct From crownequipmentdirect For Self-Install & Maintenance ​


Once you've decided what product best works for you, or want some help in finding the most suitable solution, please get in touch with one of our team now.

We're happy to help.

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