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Supplying Exceptional Service

At Crown Water and Coffee, we offer a range of services to suit each individual’s needs, whether you are looking to rent or buy a coffee machine, cooler or boiler with our exclusive ingredients package. Alternatively if you would like to purchase your ingredients from us and have an existing machine which needs to be maintained and serviced, we can have a range of available options.


Inclusive Package

If you rent a machine with us, we can offer you the complete service package including ingredients. We can help you discover the perfect machines for your business all the way through to the installation of the equipment. You can leave the maintaining, repairing and regular sanitisation up to us to arrange - and yes, it’s all included in the price! 



Maintaining your water cooler helps to ensure that the chance of breakdown is reduced and kept to a minimum. We offer maintenance contracts that give you peace of mind - even the most reliable equipment can occasionally fail. In the event that your machine was to fail, our aim is to minimise the impact this has on your business with a direct engineer support line.


We understand the importance of the consumer being able to purchase a great tasting drink around the clock. Having a fully trained technical support team ensures that we can keep your machine ticking along happily. Our engineers have a wealth of knowledge, with continuous training, their main priority is to help keep your machine in tip top condition.

If our customers are having trouble with their machine, they can call the direct line and speak to an engineer here at Crown. Our engineers will aim to help you resolve the issue over the phone however if this isn’t possible, we will have an engineer out to you within in 24 hours. We always aim to carry out any necessary repairs on site, if this isn’t achievable, we will leave you with a temporary machine to enable your drinks offering to continue. We introduced this service to give our customers a direct way to speak to our engineers without the hassle of having to be transferred. This makes the whole process more efficient for you and us!


We are continuously looking for ways to improve our customers experience and are proud to offer high quality equipment and ingredients. All customers are within a 60-mile radius of our office meaning we are close enough to fulfil our fantastic service offering as well as a prompt delivery service for ingredients which you can order on 24 hours a day via our webshop!

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