ArcticStar 55

The Simplicity You Want, The Technology You Need
Optimum Hydration

The ArcticStar 55 is simple to maintain, reliable and sturdy. The cooler has an eco function light sensor which will save you approximately 25% in electricity costs! Available in ambient & cold or hot & cold. The hot & cold cooler has a hot water booster button, to dispense water at 95 degrees. 


Additional Options:
  • SIP Automatic Overnight Sanitising upgrade available

  • NanoFilter High Pharma Water Filter to increase flow rate & remove 99% of bacteria & viruses

  • Metal Cowling to secure the cooler safely to a wall 

  • 10 Litre Overflow System with alarm to signal when full

  • A Pumped Main Drainage System pumps the wastewater from the drip tray over a distance of 100m & a rise of 5m

Dimensions (mm)


Mains Fed:

  • Floor Standing: 1180H, 340W, 340D

  • Table Top: 460H, 340W, 340D


  • Floor Standing: 1185H, 340W, 340D

  • Table Top: 465H, 340W, 340D

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