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Water coolers and coffee machines are invaluable assets within healthcare settings, contributing to both the well-being of patients and the efficiency of medical professionals.

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In the health sector, beverage solutions play a crucial role in supporting patient care, promoting wellness, and providing comfort. Here are some common beverage solutions and their roles within healthcare settings:

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Infection Control

Proper handling and sanitation of beverage dispensing equipment are essential for preventing the spread of infections within healthcare settings. Technological advancements and subsequent accessories play a crucial role in the safeguarding of drinking water. Devices such as a Klaran UVC LED work to eliminate all bacteria’s and infectants.

Our Healthcare recommendations

We appreciate that the healthcare sector want hygienic and easy to clean machines. Find below some of our top choices.

Arctic Chill 108 Mains Connected Water Cooler
Douwe Egberts Excellence Touch Coffee Machine
Vitro S1 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine
Klaran Water Filter

Arctic Chill 108

  • 29cm dispensing height

  • 35 ltrs per hour of chilled water

  • Unlimited ambient water


  • 29cm dispensing height

  • 35 ltrs per hour of chilled water

  • Unlimited ambient water

Excellence Touch

  • Up to 600 cups of black coffee per hour

  • Touch screen

  • Strength personalisation

Vitro S1

  • Up to 80 drinks per day

  • Button interface

  • Compact machine

Get in contact with a member of our team to arrange a site survey, where we can advise you further on the best option for your space.

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