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Water Filters

Our water filters ensure every sip is pure, crisp, and refreshing. With advanced filtration technology, we remove impurities, contaminants, and unpleasant tastes.

Designed for convenience and performance, our filters are easy to install and maintain, providing you with peace of mind and a continuous supply of high-quality water. 

Staying Hydrated in Yellow Sweater

How Does It Work?

Water Filter Infographic

Fighting Scale With A Professional Resin Scale Removal Filter

  • Hard water affects approximately 60% of all UK postcodes, primarily but not exclusively in the country's south. Scale is formed when hard water is heated. Scale is a nemesis of hot and cold water coolers, as well as water boilers. If you are  in a hard water area, you must protect your equipment to prevent scale buildup and the machine from malfunctioning and breaking down.

  • The only way to prevent Scale is to use a Resin Based Scale Removal Filter, such as the Brita range (Carbon Block Filters with Siliphone Beads do not work!) As a result, we only use the best scale filters for our customers.


Nano Filtration

What Is The NanoFilter?

  • The NanoFilter comes with some of the latest features in filter technology, eliminating not only taste and odour but bacteria and viruses too.

  • The composition of the NanoFilter Candle removes 99.98% of Cryptosporidium, Giardia Intestinalis and E Coli and provides protection against Legionella, Pseudonomas, Salmonella, Mycobacteria and Aspergillis.

  • The NanoFilter ensures a high flow rate, even at a slow water pressure, whilst substantially reducing the risk of blocking.

  • We are proud of the NanoFilters Green Credentials: The plastic housing is re-usable as well as this the NanoFilter Candle can be disposed with household waste.

Replacement Filters

Nano Filter Candle
Carbon Filter Candle
AA First Filter XL - Carbon Block
Brita Scale Filter


  • Removes 99.9% of bacteria

  • Resists blocking

  • Recyclable with household waste

  • Housing sold separately

Carbon Block 

  • Removes taste and odour

  • Recyclable with household waste

  • Housing sold separately


  • Carbon filter with plastic housing

  • Recyclable with household waste

Brita Scale

  • Ideal for hard water areas

  • Can be used with hot water machines

Click and watch the videos below to see how our NanoFilter and scale filters work in action, showing how the Carbon/Nano filters  purify “inky water” and Brita scale filters eliminate the build up of limescale.

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