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Local Government

Within government offices and facilities, access to clean drinking water is paramount for employees and visitors alike. Water coolers provide a convenient and reliable source of hydration.

Additionally, coffee machines offer a quick and revitalizing boost, fostering alertness and productivity.

Exterior of a town hall

In the public service sector, beverage solutions are important for providing refreshment during meetings, conferences, and other official events, as well as promoting well-being among employees. Here are some common beverage solutions found in the UK government sector:

Tea Pot

Office Cafeterias

Larger government offices may have on-site cafeterias or refectories where employees can purchase a variety of beverages, including coffee, tea, soft drinks, and bottled water.

Our Local Government recommendations

Arctic Chill 108 Mains Connected Water Cooler
Font 30 Water Fountain
Douwe Egberts Excellence Touch Coffee Machine
WFT6 Floor Standing Water Fountain

Arctic Chill 108

  • 29cm dispensing height

  • 35 ltrs per hour of chilled water

  • Unlimited ambient water

Font 30

  • Wall Mounted

  • 35cm dispensing height

  • Dispensing tap and bubbler

Excellence Touch

  • Up to 600 cups of black coffee per hour

  • Touch screen

  • Strength personalisation


  • Floor standing

  • 21cm dispensing height

  • Swan neck tap and bubbler

Get in contact with a member of our team to arrange a site survey, where we can advise you further on the best option for your space.

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