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Bean to Cup

These machines are your ticket to enjoying the rich aroma and flavor of freshly ground coffee at the push of a button. With quick dispensing times, you'll never have to wait long for your perfect brew, whether you're in an office, hotel, gym, school, or café setting.

Designed to cater to various environments, these machines effortlessly deliver barista-quality beverages to satisfy any coffee craving. 

Woman benhind a cafe counter with a Vitro S1 behind her
Vitro S1 Coffee Machine
Vitro X3 Coffee Machine
Vitro X1 Coffee Machine
Vitro X4 Coffee Machine

Vitro S1

  • Up to 80 drinks per day

  • Button interface

  • Compact machine

Vitro X1

  • Up to 150 cups per day

  • Touch Screen

  • Compact design

Vitro X3

  • Up to 250 cups per day

  • LED Touch Screen

Vitro X4

  • Up to 250 cups per day

  • Touch Screen

  • High capacity machine

WMF 1100 Coffee Machine
WMF 1500 Coffee Machine

WMF 1100

  • Up to 80 drinks per day

  • Wide range of beverage options

WMF 1500

  • Up to 180 drinks per day

  • Customisable machine

  • High capacity

*All images are not shown to scale. Please see the measurements section on each product page for dimensions.

Empty Crown Coffee Mug
Full Mug of Coffee

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