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Flavia Machines

Engineered with efficiency in mind, these sleek machines are designed to fit seamlessly into any workplace environment, offering premium coffee without taking up valuable space. But don't let their small size fool you – Flavia Creation machines boast an impressive range of beverages to satisfy every palate.

From espressos to cappuccinos, flavourful teas to indulgent hot chocolates, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Elevate your office coffee experience with Flavia Creation machines today!

Creation 500 on a countertop in an office
Flavia Creation 500 Coffee Machine
Flavia Lavazza Creation 600 Coffee Machine
Flavia Creation 200 Coffee Machine

Creation 200

  • Ideal for an office of less than 30 people

  • Wide variety of drinks options

  • Compact design

Creation 500

  • Suitable for offices over 30 people

  • Utilises Smart Mars technology

  • Wide range of drinks options

Creation 600

  • Suitable for offices over 30 people

  • Wide variety of drinks options

*All images are not shown to scale. Please see the measurements section on each product page for dimensions.

Empty Crown Coffee Mug
Full Mug of Coffee

We have 2 purchasing options

Rental + Service

Purchase + Service

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