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Hotels and Hospitality

In a hotel environment, coffee is essential! Operationally, back of house need to be able to serve great tasting coffee around the clock. Therefore taste, speed, volume and consistency are all major factors when deciding which commercial coffee solution is the perfect fit. Front of house also need to consider the atmosphere for the ultimate customer experience. This is where a traditional espresso machine can be  beneficial. With a barista, the machines can create the perfect look and feel as well as a delicious aroma.

Hotel Reception

In the hotel and hospitality sector, beverage solutions are essential for providing guests with a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Here are some common beverage solutions and their roles within the hotel and hospitality industry:

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Beverage Stations

Hotels often offer beverage stations in common spaces such as receptions or lounges where guests can help themselves to complimentary water, coffee, and tea throughout the day. These stations provide convenience and refreshment for guests during their visit.

Our Hotels and Hospitality recommendations

For hospitality venues, we recommend some of our higher capacity machines. With a shorter downtime between servings, these machines can help you keep up with demand during busy service times.

Cosmetal Niagara High Volume Water Cooler
Douwe Egberts Quantum 300 Coffee Machine
Iberital IB7 Traditional Espresso Machine
Vitro S1 Bean to Cup Machine


  • 30cm dispensing height

  • 120 ltrs per hour of chilled water

  • 120 ltrs per hour of sparkling water

  • Unlimited ambient water

Quantum 300

  • Up to 600 cups of black coffee per hour

  • Able to dispense multiple drinks at the same time

  • Coffee and hot water only

Iberital Intenz 2

  • Able to dispense 4 coffees at the same time

  • Italian style beverages

Vitro S1

  • Up to 80 drinks per day

  • Button interface

  • Compact machine

Get in contact with a member of our team to arrange a site survey, where we can advise you further on the best option for your space.

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Want to learn barista techniques?

Find out how to make barista style drinks with our barista training. We take you through the basics of espresso making to the fine art of milk foaming.

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