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Excellence Touch

Ultimate Taste

The Quantum 110 is part of our Douwe Egberts range. The machine is capable of serving up to 600 cups and up to 180 pots of coffee per hour! As well as delivery effortlessly consistent coffee at any time there is no waste as it is tuned to perfection. You really are guaranteed great coffee at the push of a button with this high performing, energy efficient machine. No waste, no mess, just simple to use. With a 3.5 second brew time this machine is incredibly quick.

  • Choose from over 15 high-quality coffee shop drinks

  • The Tap N' Brew app allows you to choose, personalise, and brew directly from your smartphone. 

  • With the new FLAVIA® frothing technology, froth fresh milk or dairy-free alternatives directly in your cup. 

  • With an industry-leading dependability you can rely on.

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