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Experienced In Coffee Solutions

With over 260 years of experience, Douwe Egberts know exactly how to provide the perfect drinks solution for all businesses whatever their size. Our partnership enables us to deliver high volume coffee machines with exclusive Douwe Egberts products – meaning you can maintain impressively high standards that please everybody’s preference.  

Commercial Coffee Machines

In 2009, Crown Water & Coffee were appointed an exclusive Partner of Douwe Egberts for their high volume coffee systems for large parts of the South of England. Our full range of Douwe Egberts coffee machines offer various dispensing options for Whipped Coffee, milk based drinks such as Cappucino and Latte, and Hot Chocolate. Most models utilise real milk as opposed to milk powder for superior tasting coffee.

Cafitesse coffee is carefully roasted & ground, freshly brewed immediately after grinding and then frozen. This method, 'bag in box', ensures no aroma and quality is lost and that everybody has a great coffee experience. Douwe Egberts Coffee Beans and Instant Coffee products are world renowned and their art of blending makes them a cut above the rest. That’s the difference you’ll savour in each and every sip – and that’s the difference Crown Water & Coffee can provide.

Douwe Egberts

Douwe Egberts

Exclusive Douwe Egberts Partner

Each business has individual needs and Douwe Egberts have a broad range of machines. So no matter what type of coffee solution you are looking for, we can tailor to your needs to get the perfect fit solution for you.

  • Exclusive Douwe Egberts partner

  • Large range of machines and coffees to suit your taste and pocket

  • Our dedicated support and maintenance service ensures that your coffee equipment keeps working 24/7 

  • Free installation and delivery

  • Bean to cup or liquid coffee machines

  • Delivering from 100 -700 cups per hour

Find your perfect coffee machine

Barista One

Bring the authentic fresh bean experience to the workplace

  • Bean to cup

  • 15-25 head count

  • 120 cups per hour

Barista One x 2_edited.png

Excellence Touch

  • Liquid coffee

  • 10-25 head count

  • 180 cups per hour

New Innovative touch screen, high quality coffee with a touch of luxury

Untitled design (24).png

Excellence Touch Compact

 Combines performance with the ability to quickly & efficiently deliver high street quality coffee

  • ​Liquid coffee

  • 10-25 head count

  • 180 cups per hour

Compact front_logo_edited.png


High speed, high capacity

high quality

  • Liquid coffee

  • 25-10 head count

  • 700 cups per hour



The ultimate in hospitality

& style

  • L'or liquid coffee

  • 5-40 head count

  • 150 cups per day

Promesso Cut Out.png

L'OR Lucente Pro

Why serve anything less than gold

  • Capsule machines​

  •  Head count

  •  Cups per hour

Lucente Right side smaller_edited.png

L'OR Mini

Discover the ultimate hospitality

  • Capsule machines​

  •  Head count

  •  Cups per hour

L'OR Mini_edited.png

Coffee Club

Small but mighty

  • Beans

  • Fresh Milk Option

  • Modern Fresh Look

  • Slim Build

Coffee Club with Fridge.png
Douwe egburts transparent 2.png
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White Ox Gif.gif
Bean To Cup

White Ox Coffee Beans

Blend No.1, a distinctively bold and dark roasted coffee, is the result of more than 265 years of expertise from past and present master roasters. The expertly blended 100% Arabica, UTZ certified, coffee beans have notes of dark chocolate and crisp red berries. These characteristics make it a perfect base for a wide variety of speciality coffee drinks from an authentic, intense espresso to a smooth, aromatic cappuccino or iced latte. 

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