Wall Mounted Drinking Water Fountain With Contactless Option
Optimum Hydration

A solid manual push button bottle filler & joystick bubbler, made of high grade stainless steel. The FONT 30 connects straight into the mains supply providing unchilled water.We recommend to use our plumbing and filter kit to connect to the mains supply providing unchilled water. The FONT30 can also be connected to a our UC800 undersink chiller to dispense chilled water. Easy to install, simple to maintain and cost effective, the FONT 30 meets the growing need of accessible drinking water for all.

FONT30CL Comes with a infra-red contactless glassfiller & separate bubbler which is designed to avoid hand to tap bacterial contamination. The FONT10CL Infra Red Sensor is activated by a hand hovering over the Infra Red Sensor at a distance of 2cm to 5cm. The Contactless FONT30CL is programmed to stop dispensing after 6 seconds. If that is insufficient you can place your hand again.

Additional Options:
  • NanoFilter High Pharma Water Filter to increase flow rate & remove 99% of bacteria & viruses

  • COVID Secure Contactless Dispensing Option with the FONT30CL 

Dimensions (mm)

Wall Mounted: 750H, 330W, 370D

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