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It’s World Chocolate Day! But what are the origins of Hot Chocolate?

Happy World Chocolate Day! text with an image of a mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows behind

Happy World Chocolate Day! I doubt it would take much to convince you to indulge, with 61% of the nation voting chocolate as their favourite sweet treat. But did you know that chocolate was first used as a beverage for ceremonies and special celebrations?

Early origins

The oldest known usage of chocolate dates to the Olmec people of Mesoamerica, where pots have been found containing traces of theobromine (a chemical compound found in chocolate that can act as a stimulant). However, it is the Mayan people who popularised the usage of chocolate, mainly as a drink. In their written history, there are mentions of chocolate drinks and their usage in celebrations, ceremonies, and the finalisation of important transactions. These chocolate drinks were readily available for everyone in Mayan society and was consumed with most meals.

Hot chocolate in a mug with an Aztec style pattern.

Making its way to Europe

Chocolate later made its way to Europe through Spain. They took the Aztec recipe for a liquid chocolate drink and added sugar and other spices to create something closer to the hot chocolate we all know and love today. To cater to the demand for this exclusive drink, Chocolate Houses were established, from London to Amsterdam. These provided the wealthy with a place to socialise and exchange new ideas, all over a cup of Hot Chocolate.

Modern usage of chocolate in drinks

Today, although mostly consumed in solid form, hot chocolate is a beloved drink for the colder months. The once exclusive and prestigious drink is now a staple which has managed to evolve through history. Lately, focus has been on further enhancing the beverage through experimenting with different flavour combinations. Whether it’s the spiciness of chilli or the refreshing zest of orange, we now have the freedom to savour any flavour of our choice. Hot chocolate has also become a popular mainstay for hot drinks dispensing machines, providing an alternative to coffee and tea. There are even machines dedicated solely to providing the best instant hot chocolate available. Giving users a new and easy way to consume their favourite beverage.

We have a range of instant hot chocolate machines, that provide gourmet quality drinks instantly. Take a look at the Mini Magnum, able to dispense up to 250 cups per hour, or the Solo Hot Chocolate Machine, providing the perfect hot chocolate experience. Wanting to stock hot chocolate for your current machine? We have those options too. The Douwe Egberts frozen Chocolate is perfect for your Cafitesse machine. Or try our hot chocolate powders and sticks, for instant and delicious drinks every time.

If you’re looking to celebrate World Chocolate Day this year, and get prepared for when the weather turns, get in touch with us today. We’d be happy to show you our fabulous range of machines.

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