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Optimum Hydration

The 3300X is available in cold & ambient or hot & cold. It is known for its legendary reliability with traditional manual taps, with no PCB's and no solenoids. The 3300X comes with an integrated cup dispenser however this can be replaced by a blanking panel if you require.


The 3300X Water Cooler Range has conventional paddle taps which avoid hand to tap contact by pushing the glass or cup against the tap to dispense. 

Water Types
  • SIP Automatic Overnight Sanitising upgrade available

  • NanoFilter High Pharma Water Filter to increase flow rate & remove 99% of bacteria & viruses

  • Metal Cowling to secure the cooler safely to a wall 

  • 10 Litre Overflow System with alarm to signal when full

  • A Pumped Main Drainage System pumps the wastewater from the drip tray over a distance of 100m & a rise of 5m

Ambient Water Symbol
Chilled Water Symbol
Hot Water Symbol
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