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3 Top Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Coffee Machine!

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Here at Crown we never want you to have a bad coffee again. If you look after your coffee machine, it will look after you by continuously producing delicious coffee! In order for this to happen we recommend you follow these top tips.

1. Keep It Clean!

This is vital, one of the main reasons your coffee machine could display a fault message is because it is not being cleaned regularly or the correct cleaning regime is not being followed. To insure your coffee machine is continuously delivering fantastic coffee, it is important when you rent a coffee machine to make sure you get advice and training on how to properly clean your machine. To get an idea of what recommended cleaning products you may need, take a look on our online shop where we have a range of cleaning supplies. Don’t forget if you are a customer of ours, we can send you user manuals!

“It’s always advisable to clean the milk contact pipes at the end of service or in the evening, as milk is a live product and leaving the milk pipes in the milk overnight can lead to blockages … ” - Rupert

2. Manage the area your machine is placed

Your coffee machine will be extremely popular when it first arrives and accidents and spillages are bound to happen. To have a service that works and is efficient for all your requirements, you need to ensure you have a suitable area for your machine that is easy to access and clean, with plenty of space for additional items like sugars and stirrers.Each individual will use the coffee machine differently and although it may seem simple and obvious, it is always best to leave some instructions in a visible spot just in case.

3. Buy quality coffee ingredients whether it be instant, liquid or beans

Never have a bad coffee again: product maintenance and the quality of your ingredients are just as important as your cleaning regime!

If you have a bean to cup or a traditional espresso machine the way you use your beans is crucial to the taste of your coffee. We suggest you grind the beans as you use them for the best flavour, grinding your beans and leaving them for days ruins the taste. Believe it or not grind consistency matters, too coarse and your coffee will taste rather week, too fine and the coffee will be over extracted.

If you have a liquid coffee machine, we advise you not to turn your machine off without removing the products inside and putting them in a fridge to keep them chilled. Some machines do need a rest and we recommend you turn your machine off where applicable to prevent leaks and save money when the machine is not in use! Obviously, this depends on the hours your machine is needed.

To get the best out of your instant machine we would recommend not filling the canisters up too much as this will prevent blockages! You can get a wide range of highly rated instant coffee, for example Douwe Egberts Pure Gold.


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