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Don’t settle for your choice of office coffee machine until you’ve asked yourself these 5 questions?

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

1. Do we really need a coffee machine when we have a perfectly good kettle?

Whilst instant coffee and hot water does have its place, engaging your team, and clients, with a high quality all-round beverage offering is often undervalued. Certainly more inspiring than a traditional kettle. If your team likes to drink coffee throughout the day its well worth investing in a professional machine to foster a happy productive team and impress new business clients. Not to mention the time saved waiting for the kettle to boil…

2. What’s my budget?

We all want great coffee, but a traditional espresso machine with a fully trained barista to serve you is not very practical or cost effective in an office. There are plenty of quality machines which are easy to use to fulfill your office needs whatever your budget, from instant machines to bean to cup. Its also important to think about the longevity and durability of the machine, whilst bean to cup barista style machines may set you back more initially, they will also last longer than the cheaper options making good quality machines worth the investment.

3. Who is going to look after the machine?

In a small office it can be really important for your hot drinks machine to mainly look after itself! A low maintenance machine with minimal or self-cleaning options would be best here as your team are busy and you can't afford for them to be spending hours cleaning up. A good supplier should help you choose a machine which only requires the level of maintenance you’re comfortable with.

4. How many people will be using the machine?

Understanding your consumption volume is important, and when on average we drink 3 hot drinks per day per person, ensuring you can serve the demands of your team is one of the biggest factors when choosing your machine. Depending on if your office has 10 or 100 people there are different machines more suitable for delivering the output you need. Generally instant or filtered options are good for a small business, with larger businesses recommended to look into bean to cup or liquid options.

5. What service levels do I want?

It is also important to think about if you will be buying or leasing the machine. Most good coffee machine suppliers will support you throughout the lifetime of the machine with cleaning, descaling and preventative maintenance to ensure you get the best from your machine. This is often built into leasing agreements but if you are buying outright its best to think about how you will look after your machine should it stop working!

Choosing the right Coffee machine to satisfy your teams love of coffee is an important decision, and asking the right questions can support you to tick all boxes and make an informed choice to find your perfect coffee solution.


All our coffee machines come with 3 months free rental when you sign up-to a 36 month contract* Thinking of getting a coffee machine or have further questions e-mail: or call 0800 027 3101 and one of our experienced team will get back to you!

*Offer Available until 01/05/2019


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