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Is Your Coffee Offering A 5 Star Experience?

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

The hospitality industry is stepping up its coffee game, choosing not to take your coffee offering seriously is a missed opportunity, as the importance of coffee within the industry is increasingly more apparent. Coffee is a common ritual for many and a significant part of the customers journey, from first thing in the morning to last thing at night. The need for good tasting coffee is growing, with the stream of social media and easy access to coffee 24/7, we are becoming a nation of ‘coffee experts’. Reviewing your coffee offering is the first step to keep you at the top of the game and get that 5-star experience.

Here at Crown Water and Coffee we offer a wide range of products and solutions to adapt to a variety of needs within different business sectors. The quality commercial coffee machines that we offer include the latest technology and use exceptional ingredients. Within a hotel environment good quality coffee is expected and we have a commercial coffee machine to suit every need. Whether you’re in need of a coffee machine for your restaurant, bar, lounge area or hotel room, our innovative selection of coffee machines will produce great coffee to suit any occasion.

Coffee accessibility is key and customers want to be served around the clock, morning, noon and night. As well as this the taste, speed, volume and consistency are all major factors when deciding what commercial coffee solution is the perfect fit. Back of house you often need a machine that is able to deliver a high volume of hot drinks in a short time scale, whether it’s for the morning breakfast rush, functions or conferences. A machine that delivers large quantities of coffee without compromising on quality is vital. One example is the Quantum110 which is able to produce 600 cups per hour of black coffee perfect for the back of house in any busy hotel! (Higher volume 3 phase Quantum also available).

The front of house coffee solution needs to create an atmosphere for the ultimate customer experience. A traditional espresso machine with a barista can create the perfect look and feel as well as the delicious aroma. ​

Often the in-room experience or the smaller coffee machines get over looked. We are pleased to be able to extend our commercial coffee machine offering with two NEW capsule machines the L’OR Lucente and L’OR Mini, which are perfect solutions for this.

Due to its compact style the L’OR Lucente Pro is the ideal solution for small hotels, conference rooms and boutiques. The piano-black appearance with a matte finish and stainless-steel details is bound to impress all. The Lucente Pro is a robust machine that provides the ultimate experience, no engineer is necessary to install or maintain the machine as all it needs is a simple descaling routine.

Not to forget the in-room coffee experience, providing your guests with the option to relax with a coffee in their room requiring minimal effort yet a good quality coffee is the perfect way to enhance their stay! The L’OR Mini is the perfect plug and play machine providing your customer with the ultimate in room experience. The L’OR Mini is easy to use, convenient and attractive!

Is it time to review your coffee offering? Delivering a 5-star experience can be easy if you have the right coffee machine to suit your business. If you would like to discuss your coffee offering with one of our expert team, we would be happy to help find the perfect beverage solution for you.


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