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The latest UVC LED technology


A discreet, automatic purification device that uses LED bulbs to emit germicidal UVC waves that consistently eliminate any viruses or bacteria present.

When dispensing, water passes through the Klaran device. Here, the LED bulbs give off UVC wavelengths to purify the water which then passes back through the cooler and out the dispensing point.

This device is installed by one our engineers at the closest possible point to the dispensing nozzle. We do this to ensure that the water is treated just before it reaches the consumer to avoid the chance of any contaminants re-entering the water after it has passed through the Klaran device.

Traditionally, this water treatment process is carried out by UV lamps. They work via the same process, however, the lamps themselves not only contain mercury (a known harmful substance), but they also emit UV waves at in inconsistent rate due to the minute ‘flicker’ of the lamps.

What makes the Klaran device better than traditional UV lamps?

The Klaran device uses the latest LED technology to replace the traditional lamps. LED lights emit a constant, unwavering beam meaning the treatment process is noticeably more consistent whilst also removing the need for mercury to be present.

  • LED bulbs

  • UVC wavelength

  • Eliminates 99.9% of bacteria

  • Automatic, hassle free

  • Long lasting peace of mind

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