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SIP Neo3 Automatically sanitises your Water Cooler

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Your water Cooler should dispense the same quality water for you to drink as when it enters the cooler tank or filter. For this to be achieved it is recommended that you sanitise your Water Cooler regularly, to remove microbiological content bio-film and other bacterial matter from the Water Cooler. Bio-film is organic matter which contains bacteria and can build up on the water contact surfaces of both bottled and plumbed-in water coolers.

EDWCA guidelines state that all bottled water coolers should be sanitised on a quarterly basis and mains-connected coolers should be sanitised and filters replaced 6-monthly.

We are proud to introduce the SipNeo3. A programmable ozone generator that can be easily installed and retrofitted to most Bottled and POU water coolers. The resulting hygiene level protects your health, whilst SIP sleep mode reduces your electricity bill.

We can install a SipNeo3 unit into almost any type of Bottled or POU Water Cooler, and with SIP overnight Sleep Mode activated, it can save electricity and reduce the amount of carbon produced in the process, making the SipNeo3 a clean and green solution for your business as the cost of a SipNeo3 unit is often recouped by avoiding just a single sanitising visit.

The patented SipNeo3 system works by converting Oxygen into micro bubbles of Ozone and pumps them into the cooler’s water. Ozone is the most powerful known oxidising agent and destroys bacteria, algae, mould and viruses. This ensures that every drop of water from a SIP Cooler meets the highest hygiene and quality standards.

- SipNeo3 Can Reduce Your Sanitising Visits By 1/2

- SipNeo3 With Sleep Mode Can Save You Almost 2/3 In Electricity

- As A consequence, SipNeo3 Reduces The Amount Of Carbon Produced

Click on the video below, to find out more about the SipNeo3

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