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The Importance of Regularly Sanitising Your Water Cooler

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Water coolers are rapidly becoming an essential piece of equipment within businesses. You want your staff, customers and visitors to remain happy and healthy, a small part of ensuring this happens is providing a safe, clean, operating cooler. Water coolers require little in the way of effort to maintain and keep them functioning, this is because fundamentally water coolers are simple. But there is something you need to be aware of - water coolers need to be sanitised. As a local water cooler supplier, we understand the importance of why your water cooler needs to be regularly sanitised. That’s why we feel it is important to share our expertise and knowledge with you.


Water that is left in the sun begins to become a tinged green shade and after time algae will begin to form. This doesn’t just happen when water is exposed to air, your bottled water cooler placed by a window could be the perfect breeding ground for some bacteria. Our engineers will happily advise you on the best location for your water cooler, away from a window to prevent this from happening!


Heat is naturally produced within the mechanism of a water cooler. It doesn’t have to be boiling hot, but just enough warmth that it causes humidity in some of the components in the internal cooler system and bacteria begins to grow. When the tap is pressed, water is dispensed and passes through the system wiping these bacteria off the surface into the water. Fortunately, in minute quantities these bacteria are harmless, but if the water cooler is not sanitised on a regular basis, this could potentially cause problems.

Clean Surface

As water passes over a surface it doesn’t usually ‘stick’. Sanitised surfaces have a coating that prevents this from happening therefore preventing germs and bacteria. When water sticks to a surface, bacteria can develop. Drip Trays should be kept clean as this is the perfect place for bacteria to build up if left untouched.


Germs are constantly being spread, when it comes to a water cooler there are numerous ways that they can be transferred. Germs from around the top of a bottle can be transferred from the bottle to the dispenser when you are filling up your bottle, if this was to occur then everyone shares the germs of the last user and so on. Likewise, not everyone has the same hand washing regime as you, taps and dispensers that are frequently used could carry some unseen and unpleasant bacteria.

The good news is, it takes nothing more than a wipe with a sanitising spray and disposable wipe to prevent this. Our servicing package comes inclusive with the rental of each water cooler ensuring that all parts of the cooler are clean and sterile.

Airborne dust and grime

Like all surfaces, dust and grime settle on them and to keep them clean they will need a wipe every now and then. We always suggest placing your water cooler in a well-ventilated area and one that is not subjected to a lot of dust and air-borne particles floating about if possible. As well as this regularly wiping your cooler down to keep it dust free.

We are also fielding questions on COVID19: There is no evidence that COVID19 is water borne, and a water cooler if unused for a period is likely only to create quality and not safety issues. Sanitising will not destroy the COVID19 virus. The real issue from a Covid-19 contamination standpoint is that the water cooler is only an issue from the people touching the unit on the taps or anywhere on it – so, again, keep the surfaces clean and sanitary on a daily basis.

Crown Water & Coffee’s Water Cooler Package

Every 6 months one of our fully accredited engineers will come and visit you to do a full sanitisation and maintenance check of your water cooler. Our engineers are trained to maintain the high and strict standards imposed by the British Water Cooler Association. We also stock a sanitisation spray which you can use between visits this can be purchased on our webshop!



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