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Try Coffee in a Bag!

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Colombian coffee bags from BaristaChoice

Coffee in a bag - Finest fresh coffee on the go...

If you currently mainly drink instant coffee and want to begin enjoying the fantastic taste of a freshly brewed quality filter coffee, without the need for an expensive tools, equipment or machines - A great option is the 100% Colombian coffee in a bag from BaristaChoice which provides fresh ground-coffee in a bag (A bit like a teabag!) Complete with that fresh roast aroma mmm...

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We at Crown want to bring you the best tastes we can find. These single serve individual finest fresh bags are designed to produce a cafetiere style coffee made for one. If you want to get that original ground coffee flavour away from home when a fresh coffee is often not available then this is the convenient way to brew your drink giving you a Barista style coffee on the go. Simply perfect for hotel rooms, small offices and when commuting or travelling by plane or train. In those moments where you want to relax or are too busy to mess around with a coffee machine getting all the grinds everywhere, and of course dealing with the cleaning up involved after.

The BaristaChoice 100% Colombian bags are designed to create cafetiere style coffee made without the need for anything other than simply fresh boiling water brewed for between 2-5 minutes. A luxurious ground coffee with no mess, no fuss. Simply select your cup, pop in a bag and pour over the water - easy! Convenience for you, without compromising on the quality. BaristaChoice have selected the finest roasted ground Arabica beans that are carefully chosen to help ensure sustainability whilst the rich roasting methods ensure a bag full of flavour and ensures consistency into each 10g bag. They are eco-friendly, 100% compostable made from non-woven fabric, designed for perfect brewing from within the bag, allowing the oils and flavour to escape from the bag whilst ensuring the product inside stays there!

Carefully roasted and ground down to create the perfect BaritsaChoice Colombian coffee blend. Every bag is individually wrapped and heat-sealed to maintain freshness and aroma you would expect from a fresh Barista made coffee. Trying these wonderful little bags is easy, just visit our Crown online shop which shows the full range of BaristaChoice coffee in a variety of blends flavours and beans, So why not try today?

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