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Reusable water bottles are a sustainable solution for the environment

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

The rise in drinking from non-reusable water bottles has led to a massive increase in plastic pollution around the world, as 80% of these bottles still end up in landfill because there are so many different kinds of plastic, which can only be recycled with its own kind. This is a particularly prevalent time as plastic pollution is a global epidemic that many are trying to combat, including major coffee brands who are aiming to eradicate reusable plastic straws by 2020. The strength of media coverage has hit home to galvanise a response and it is essential now, more than ever, for changes to be made and for us to decrease the amount of plastic we consume through the items we purchase and sell.

So how can we make a difference? Well if we all switch to reusable water bottles we will be helping the environment not just for ourselves but for generations to come.

Stopping excessive plastic pollution going into landfills and the ocean

Reducing the amount of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) oil used in production which is harmful to humans and animals

Great for your pocket as bottled water is just as expensive as petrol

The importance of being hydrated at work cannot be underestimated with improvements in productivity, increased mental and physical performance and it can offset potential safety risks as it increases concentration. We are all constantly told to drink more water, and there are numerous ways in which we can be supported to achieve this - from posters and national campaigns to phone Apps which act as a source of support for people to increase their hydration. A convenient way to do this is to buy bottled water but this is adding to the plastic problem with 50 billion bottles of water being purchased every year worldwide and 38.5m plastic bottles used every day in the UK, it’s an increasing trend, and we must take action now to turn this around.

We at Crown Water & Coffee are delighted to introduce you to our new reusable bottle which features an ingenious lid that automatically counts every time you close it after refilling, a new dot will appear in the display window illustrating the number of bottles you have drunk with a simple display. An instant reminder of how close you are to achieving your daily hydration goal. It is available now from Crown at an introductory purchase price of £6 (20% OFF our usual price of £8) just contact us for additional information.

Motivating the next generation to get into the important habit of staying hydrated & protecting our environment

The pupils of Stanley Boarding House at Bradfield College are currently using our water bottles. The reusable bottle is the perfect piece of equipment for any student partaking in exams of any form. This also complies to the exam board requirements that any water bottle taken into an exam must be completely clear with no labelling on the outside.

‘The girls in House are all thrilled with their Joseph water bottles. They know the importance of staying hydrated and the click system on the top enables them to keep track of just how much water they've drunk in the day. The clear plastic bottles are also really practical - the girls have been able to take them into exams, which is great. As a boarding House we're trying to encourage the girls to cut out single use plastic. The bottles have helped us to do this and have enabled us to engage with the wider environmental problems of some of the consumer goods they use. Prior to having my reusable bottle, I was utterly useless when it came to drinking water - now I am much better with a target every day to click the to click the lid four times! They're stylish as well as practical - which is why we all love them.’

- Helen Peter's, Bradfield College

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