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Tea-riffic Tea!

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

In the UK we drink an average of 2-3 Cups of tea a day! So as the darker nights draw in we decided to do this British favourite justice and bring you the very best Tea we can offer… and so began our journey to become tea masters….

Off we went to Teapigs Tea School to learn the best way to brew, and serve the perfect cuppa. From learning the correct hot water temperature, how long to let it brew and the perfect way to whisk milk to prepare the perfect chai latte, we can now bring you our top tips and recipes to enjoy your tea to its fullest. Enjoy!

Did you know there are 4 types of tea - black, green, white or oolong, and all tea comes from the leaves of the camellia sinensis plant. The difference is the tea is just how long the leaves are left to dry and ferment, the longer they are left the darker the flavour!

White tea - Considered the purest of tea, the leaf is picked in the spring, and the early morning shoots are plucked and left to dry in the fresh air. This tea only grows at certain times of the year and is a premium tea.

Green tea - The leaf is plucked from the bush and then either roasted and steamed like your veggies. The leaf is then dried, sealing in the greenness. Steamed green teas tend to have a more delicate taste than the roasted version. Green tea is often enjoyed with a slice of lemon!

Oolong tea (sometimes called blue) - The leaf is plucked from the bush and allowed to wither. It's then twisted and allowed to part-ferment; meaning, it's allowed to turn slightly from green to brown but not completely. The leaf is then dried in a giant oven. Oolong or blue tea is said to be between green and black – having the flavour of a green tea and some of the strength of a black tea.

Black tea - Black tea is plucked from the bush and withered in the open air. When the leaf becomes soft it is twisted and then fermented. The fermentation is the most important and skilled stage; this is when the leaf oxidises. Finally, the leaf is cooked in a giant oven to seal in the flavour. This is your traditional English breakfast tea.

What about herbals?

Well all teas must come from the camellia sinensis plant, so herbals are considered infusions. But whether peppermint being a perfectly refreshing, palate-cleansing, after-dinner drink! or chamomile with its sleep promoting and soothing properties are your favourite they still make a great cuppa and have lots of health boosting properties.

We offer a vast range of tea for you to provide you with the perfect cup of tea - with Black tea, Green tea and Herbal offerings. Or if you want to try something new Matcha is now in stock visit our online shop for more information.

How to how to make the perfect cup of tea...

Simple to make with the stylish EZYTAP!

Contact us now for Chai tea Feel like trying something different? Try a Chai latte - perfect for the up and coming festive season flavoured with black tea, cinnamon, ginger, cassia, cardamom pods, natural cinnamon flavour, and vanilla, it absolutely smells delicious!

Watch the video to see how it's made!


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