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An Engineer Offers Continued Customer Support When You Need It Most!

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Here at Crown Water and Coffee we are proud to deliver fantastic machines, good service and a strong support system. Our engineers provide an incredible service to our customers and do their best to resolve any technical issues that customers may be experiencing. Andy shares with us a typical day in the life of an engineer:

08.15 - I Arrive and go to the office to collect my jobs for the day. Then I load the van with equipment required and aim to depart at around 09.00.

09.10 - I arrive in Newbury to do a machine upgrade for a customer. They had a Vitale coffee machine however due to their increased usage of the machine it could no longer keep up with the demand. The customer upgraded to a Vitro X3 coffee machine which has a bigger capacity. We gave full training to the staff on how to use the new machine from operating to cleaning.

11.35 - I arrive at my second job of the day in Elstree, the customer is having trouble with a frozen fridge – specifically suffering with frozen packs in their liquid machine (coffee and milk). The machine displayed error 32 which tells us the sensor is defective, I fixed this on site for the customer. We always look at the machines error log history whilst we are on site and we will check over all other internal parts to ensure everything is in good working condition.

11.50 - I receive my first technical helpline call of the day; we offer an engineer support service to all our customers via telephone (07748701493) or email ( There was a Brew Group Error on this customers Vitro X3 coffee machine. If possible, we will always attempt to get the machine going over the phone to save the customer time, or at least establish a diagnosis so that our engineers can come prepared if we need to arrange a visit to get the machine fixed. In this case I was able to successfully talk through the issue with the customer over the phone giving them step by step instructions on how to sort the problem at hand.

12.30 - I arrive at Hemel Hempstead for my third job of the day, this is to install a machine that is on trial, we often trial machines with our customers to make sure we find the right machine to suit and fulfil their needs. This customer is trialling our new Excellence Touch machine, with a busy weekend ahead this was the perfect opportunity to not only test the machine but for the customer to see what the system is capable of. Full training was given to the staff and the machine was set exactly to customers’ requirements. Additionally, as this is a trial, we offered phone support to the customer in case they had any issues/questions over the weekend.

12.53 - Whilst still in Hemel Hempstead I received another technical helpline call. A customer had error 19 showing on their Excellence machine. This error means the equipment is failing to get water. The customer was advised over the phone to check isolation valves; however, they were already in the correct position. We had an engineer nearby so he popped in to resolve the issue. Their water block had tripped and needed resetting. Whilst onsite the engineer showed the customer what to do so they can resolve the issue (just in case it was to happen again).

15.10 - I arrived at my final job of the day in Goring & Streatley. This customer requested a service. During this process we replaced any worn parts and checked over all other components to ensure long life of the system. Whilst the machine is stripped down it was given a good clean.

In order for your machine to operate to the best of its ability we can’t stress enough how vital it is that you clean it regularly.

16.55 – I return back at the office to empty the van in preparation for the next morning.

As part of our service here at Crown Water & Coffee it is vital to us that the machine and product meet the demands and we will work with you to find what is right for your business. Whether that be upgrading your machine as circumstances change or providing a taste test if the product in your machine is not to your satisfaction. When setting a machine up we will always do what we think is best however it is adaptable and your choice!

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