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Why Rent A Water Cooler?

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Many businesses want refreshing filtered water but are put off by both the upfront cost of buying a water cooler and the ongoing maintenance they require.

For many renting a water cooler is a more attractive option. There are many advantages to renting a water cooler from Crown Water and Coffee. We offer a large range of bottled and mains-fed water coolers, that can be floor standing or table top. Our range of water coolers allows you to choose the perfect machine to suit your business needs and requirements, whilst keeping everyone hydrated.

A full maintenance service is often something you have to buy separately when purchasing a cooler, we make sure support and service are part of all our water cooler rental packages. This includes:

Regular Filter Replacements – As part of our service, one of our team will come and change the filter in your mains-fed water cooler every 6 months, ensuring the system stays clean and hygienic. We fit our Sip santisation system to all our coolers (except direct chill) keeping your cooler cleaner for longer with minimal effort.

Regular Sanitisation – Our support team will regularly come and sanitise your water cooler, taps and drip tray. This will ensure that you are always drinking clean and fresh water. All our engineers are fully trained and accredited to EDWCA standards so you can feel confident that you cooler is professionally maintained.

Breakdown Cover – Our water coolers rarely breakdown or malfunction but if they do, as part of your rental package we will come out to repair or replace. Whereas if you owned the machine, you would have to find a repair company and possibly have additional cost in order to replace or repair. This all takes time and effort which can be avoided when you rent a water cooler from us. Click below to read more about what our engineers get up to as part of their daily routine.

Delivery and Installation – Are you confident enough to install your own cooler correctly? How do you know it is all working properly? As part of our rental agreement, customers have their machines delivered and installed with basic user training if required.

Monthly Rental Payments – When renting a cooler, there is a contract that clearly sets out everything you need to know, how much you will pay every month, what this includes and if there is a contract term. Keeping everything as simple as possible.

Extra Options – If you buy your water cooler, upgrading becomes very costly. When you rent a water cooler from us, you have the flexibility to upgrade your machine at anytime during the contract period.This could include our new nano filter or SipNeo3 sanitisation system.

Stress and Hassle Free – Renting a water cooler is effortless with none of the stress of owning your own water cooler. From cleaning the machine, changing the filter, recycling the empty bottles and remembering to order more supplies, we take this away from you!

So whether you choose to rent a bottled or a mains-fed water cooler, you can be sure that you will be provided with high quality hydration for your clients and colleagues alike, without the costs and hassle associated with buying a water cooler, saving you money and time, making it a smart investment for your business.

If you are looking to rent a water cooler, you will be pleased to know that we are currently offering 3 months free rental with any 36-month contract! But before renting your water cooler, you can have the option of having a water cooler on a 10-day free trial*, allowing you to test the water cooler so you can be sure that it will be ideal for your business, without having to pay a thing.

If you have any further questions, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

(*Terms and conditions apply)

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