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Fresh milk taste - with liquid coffee convenience!

Customers in the UK expect a fresh milk taste in their coffee shop favourites and fresh milk delivers added value and has a richer and more distinguished flavour, so creating the perfect coffee shop experience in the workplace not just for clients but also for your customers is a great way to engage with people and sets the tone for your business. Bean to cup machines can deliver this fresh milk taste, as can using the same traditional equipment as a coffee shop barista, but they can be hard to can be a challenge especially in a business environment when it comes to maintenance and cleaning time.

We are delighted to be Introducing you to the milk master pro – this Douwe Egberts side fridge makes it possible to deliver great tasting coffee shop favourites with fresh milk and also with all the convenience of liquid roast. This compact fridge has been created to be used with our cafitiesse liquid coffee range within the Excellence or Promesso machines.

The milk master pro has been designed to prepare and deliver coffee shop quality drinks at the touch of a button for the ultimate ease of use, and can work with any type of fresh milk, from 0% to full fat (animal or soy milk*) to deliver the best in class micro-foam whilst ensuring high quality and consistency. This elegant unit is clean and sleek in design and stays hygienic with a stainless-steel door, allowing you to create every personal coffee you can imagine. So, why compromise?


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