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Fresh or Powdered Milk - How will you create your coffee shop experience?

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

Whole milk is a barista’s best friend when it comes to making fresh coffee, with around 4 percent fat, a richness of texture and a great pick for professional coffee makers.  A litre of milk can make around four lattes, or cappuccinos, so it is important you stock up!
Fresh Milk or Powdered Milk?

There is nothing quite like the enticing smell of freshly brewed coffee – Millions of us struggle each day until we have had that first energising sip in the morning! That explains why we Brits combine this with our love of queuing and head to one of the many Coffee shops every morning to get our fix. One in ten of us prioritise having this inviting tasty beverage over getting to the office on time, gladly waiting up to 30 minutes for the perfect cup! The solution can be to bring the coffee shop to the workplace and with the extensive options of machines now available it has never been easier to do.

Procaffeinating, The Tendency To Not Do Anything Until You've Had A Coffee.
Procaffeinating is A Way of Life.

Creating the perfect Coffee shop experience in the workplace or for clients sets the tone for your business environment and is also a great way to engage employees, as well as being cost saving and time effective for your colleagues, clients and the business. Deciding on the best machine, coffee quality and of course the milk can be a challenge, as more often than not using the same equipment as a coffee shop Barista is not always appropriate or suitable for the office environment - this can be due to maintenance and cleaning time. One of the main decisions in the selection process is the debate for fresh milk verses powdered. Fresh milk is selected as the premium choice but correct temperature storage and time consuming daily cleaning can be negatives that have to be countered. A great tasting, coffee shop style beverage at work without using fresh milk in a bean to cup machine with the use of powdered milk, is now possible and has many positives.

Look no further than the BaristaONE machine which brings you the authentic espresso bar experience to any environment, but with the ease of use that you would expect from any premium fully automatic espresso machine. The BaristaONE offers available solutions in 2 milk varieties: Fresh milk or Powdered milk - But which would you choose?

Powdered milk or dried milk is a manufactured dairy product which is made by evaporating milk until it is a dried powder. The drying of milk is done to preserve it and extend the shelf life as well as removing the need for refrigeration and easing bulky transport and costs. Most milk powders contain all 21 standard amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins, and are high in soluble vitamins and key minerals, with the variation in content from comparing powdered whole milk verses non-fat milk*.

Douwe Egberts: Barista One, Bean To Cup Coffee Machines
Douwe Egberts Professional Coffee Machine

Fresh milk however does have a richer and more distinguished flavour, but has a shorter shelf life and higher cost than dry milk. Both types of milk offer important nutritional value, but fresh milk serves as a slightly better source of some key nutrients, as there is a higher content of bioactive components in fresh milk verses milk powder, as fresh milk includes slightly more B-complex vitamins, particularly B-5 and B-12*.

Alternatively if you are looking for something more try liquid roast in our Promesso machine.

Experience a system that is not only tasteful, stylish and reliable but offers the quality you want while giving you the consistency you need. Allowing you to create every personal coffee you can imagine. So, why compromise? Jacobs Douwe Egbert’s Liquid Roast and Promesso machines give a convenient & excellent option. Fast and easy to clean they use a long-life milk in bag in box. To add to the offering fresh milk versions of these machines will be launched here in 2018 after extensive and successful trials throughout Europe. Whatever you choose to create your perfect coffee shop experience we can offer you an extensive range of Equipment available on our website, from Traditional Espresso machines, Bean to cup machines and Liquid Roast from Douwe Egberts, right down to Filter Coffee and 1 cup Flavia machines. Select from Fresh milk, powdered or liquid the choice is yours. Either way you’ll be ensuring you contribute to the recommended daily milk intake of 3 cups a day!

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