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Why Choose Liquid Coffee

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

When people think about liquid coffee, they often don’t believe they will get the same quality drink as they would with a traditional bean to cup. There is also a misconception that liquid coffee contains additives and preservatives, this is not the case. Liquid coffee can be a smart and fulfilling choice for your business and here are 4 key reasons and benefits as to why liquid coffee may be the perfect solution for you.

1. High Quality Good Tasting Coffee - A range of liquid coffee blends are carefully crafted, creating a wide range of flavours and taste intensities, including 100% arabica and UTZ certified sustainable options! Coffee beans are selected, roasted and then ground, to enhance the aromatic coffee flavour. Finally the coffee is brewed, packed and immediately frozen to guarantee a high quality coffee!

Liquid coffee = 100% fresh and pure coffee!

2. Simplicity at Its Finest - Low maintenance machines that deliver a smooth operation

making the liquid coffee experience a pleasure for everyone. Liquid coffee is made fresh with no filters or coffee grounds to contend with. Cleaning the machine requires a maximum of 10 minutes a week with hardly any mess around the machine – eliminating wasted coffee grounds. With front loading easy access, pack replenishment's can be done swiftly through front loading access.

3. Exceptional Consistency with Each Cup - With the unique bag-in-box technology, each cup of liquid coffee is brewed on demand to consistently high standards and at speed.

4. Effortless Performance - Efficiency is a key benefit of the liquid coffee system. With the ability to serve large quantities the liquid coffee system is faster and more efficient than traditional machines, typically being able to dispense a cup in under 25 seconds. The liquid coffee option is more efficient with the bag-in-box technology creating zero waste, less reliance on labour and minimal training!

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