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No Need For Plastic Waste When You Have A Water Fountain

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Facilitating easy access to water with fountains offers you a healthy, economical and eco-friendly hydration option. Water fountains have become very popular over the last decade and the trend is continuing to grow, as the demand for access to clean filtered water increases. Water is the healthiest substance and clean drinking water provides an alternative to sugary soft drinks.

Water fountains are first and foremost a matter of convenience, they are ideal, compact and suitable for any environment whether it be at a school, gym, office etc. Increasing the number of water points in public spaces significantly reduces the use of single use containers such as, water or sugary drinks bottles which will ultimately end up in landfills. Therefore, having water fountains accessible to your employees and customers is not only beneficial for productivity, health and quality of life but also reducing plastic waste and your carbon footprint.

Water fountains provide a greener option to the litter that is caused by plastic water bottles. Thousands of plastic bottles are thrown way every day in the ocean and can be mistaken as food by birds and fish. This can result in them dying from ingesting plastic.

There are five obvious benefits of having a water fountain:

1. Steady & Stylish - water fountains are able to handle harsh, high demanding environments without suffering extensive wear and tear.

2. Low Maintenance - water fountains provide a constant supply of drinking water as they are connected to the mains supply.

3. Efficient & Reliable - water fountains are easy to use and are guaranteed to provide drinking water time after time.

4. Cost Effective - water fountains are plumbed into the mains supply; this therefore requires less maintenance other than a filter change and sanitisation every 6 months!

5. Environmentally Friendly - reducing plastic waste

At Crown Water and Coffee to ensure that your hydration needs are taken care of we currently offer a few styles of water fountains that are all suitable in a number of environments. These options are both cost effective, relatively easy to install and are available to rent direct or buy at minimal cost.

· Font 10: The Font 10 wall mounted fountain is the newest design and can be positioned at any height – giving access to drinking water to both adults as well as children depending on your needs.

· WFT6 Fountain: The WFT6 water fountain is polished stainless steel and has a durable push button operated bubbler as well as glass filler faucets that are adjustable.

· Wall-Mounted Bottle Filler (COMING SOON). The wall mounted bottle filler has an innovative and elegant design. It can be simply installed by one of our engineers practically anywhere there is water access! This is perfect solution for office spaces, hotels, schools, hospitals, sports venues. The Bottle filler is perfect for any business where a larger floor standing water-cooler or fountain cannot be installed.



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